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Welcome on Amberstone, our server offers a large choice of themes and worlds which will allow you
to let your imagination drift and to have fun in our survival sections.
Thanks for visiting Amberstone and see you soon.

Server in 1.16 & 1.17, adress (java):

IP adress (Bedrock):

News AmberstoneDream

Pack addon n°5 paintings

Add-on pack with 43 3D paintings (compatible with a texture pack as well as without)

For that it is very simple it is enough for you to download our addon to install it above your pack, then to enter the corresponding code to obtain your painting as well solo or multi...

It has been realized in collaboration with various artists such as
Moran Jiwoo , Elodie Pastel, GuLagalerie


le: 25:09/2021

Amberstone is now in 1.17

The Amberstone "creative" server is now in version 1.17

The 4.0 texture pack will arrive in the first half of October, thank you for your patience

Mojang having removed the display distance above the server limits in 1.17, you can continue to connect and play in 1.16 to take your screens or play!

le: 06/09/2021

Winter and vegetation pack update (1.16, 1.17)

Our addon packs "winter season" HD and Lite as well as vegetation have been updated
They are now compatible with 1.16 and 1.17, various additions and optimizations have been made, enjoy it we await your screenshots on our Discord!

Use of shader strongly advised


le: 30/07/2021

The Amberstone contest n°20 will soon open !

The principle is simple:
Come and build on an archipelago of 3 islands what you want, whether it's modern, medieval, fantastic...
These islands are available to give free rein to your imagination. Use terraforming to your advantage and show us what you are capable of !

You will be able to access it from August 1st to August 29th at the /warp concours !

le: 24/07/2021

Minecraft photo contest season 2021

Welcome to the 4th season of the Amberstone photo contest.

This contest open from 26/03 to 14/04 19h will consist in making the best possible shots Minecraft or render ( artistic, landscape, historical, 3D scene ... ).
There is no specific theme, for those who can we advise you to combine the different addons available (vegetation, seasons ...).

Participations from all servers related to AmberstoneDream, partners (EliteRealism, Pamplemouss, BuildTheEarth...) or solo.

More information on Discord !

le: 26/03/2021

Addon N°4 of the Amberstone pack

To thank our many Korean players using our pack (more than 600 since the beginning of January 2021), the next Add-on will be dedicated to this beatifull country.

It will include many new 3D themes for release in March!

le: 18/02/2021

Virtual visit of the Elysée Palace in Paris

Discover our new 360° virtual tour of the Elysée Palace, it will allow you to immerse yourself directly from your phone or browser, and discover anecdotes or learn more about its history.

I hope you will enjoy this unique experience, thanks to Gryfenders & Louis for this magnificent reproduction.

/warp elysee on the Amberstone server

Virtual visit 360°

le: 23/01/2021

Soviet 3D addon

You can now get your soviet thematic 3D addon that can be used with any texture pack.
Discover 14 new objects (furniture, decoration etc...)

/warp pack in the game to see what's new

To get the 3D on another server use our library
The 14 3D objects are also available for download in .obj format in our 3D library


le: 01/11/2020

New KIWI survival server

Our new Kiwi survival server is open
The goal of kiwi is to offer you an experience as close as possible to the basic game where simplicity and convenience are paramount.

To join you just have to enter /kiwi on AmberstoneDream whether in java or bedrock edition, various cities and kingdoms are scattered around the world you can either settle in one of these places or on your own.

Once on the server a Kiwi role will be given to you on Discord to have access to the dedicated channel, enjoy!

Kiwi Dynmap

  77 schematics downloadable

  Discover our texture packs