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Welcome on Amberstone, our server offers a large choice of themes and worlds which will allow you
to let your imagination drift and to have fun in our survival and RP sections.
Thanks for visiting Amberstone and see you soon.

Server in 1.14 - 1.15, adress :

News AmberstoneDream

Addon of Builder Beta version

Thanks to the new addon construction you will be able to build cars, custom furniture or decorations much simpler than before.

All these new features will of course be improved and integrated into the next Amber pack.
Pending integration with /deco /warp construc to get them

Info and download here !

le: 10/05/2020

Trailer "Une journée à l'Elysée"

Video made 100% on the server (sound ambiance and shots) introduces a new feature to add sound ambiance to the server /jukebox to activate it

/warp paris to come and visit the Elysée Palace.

le: 10/05/2020

Competition No. 16 "Public Buildings"

From 05 to 22 April Amberstone is organising a public building competition.
It will consist in realizing a public service building whatever the style country theme etc ... and texture pack
. Here are the results of the votes
/event to visit the in-game entries.
Large category
🥇 1 - Louis (history museum) 26 votes
2 - Gout chocapic (Museum) 15 votes
= - Shift, TheBlockOfEarth (Hospital) 15 votes
Small Medium Category
🥇 1 - Dreamcow (pool) 25 votes
2 - Ellios (school) 11 votes
3 - Billanter, Zzertox (Military Museum) 10 votes

Thank you all for your strong participation in this contest.

le: 23/04/2020

New gallery section

Our Amberstone site is getting a new gallery
It is more intuitive with a more modern design and adapted to the mobile format.
Thanks to the various categories Featured - Render - Stage setting - Urban and Rural it is easier to search for your desired photos among more than 200 selected.

The category "Archive" with photos before 2018 will arrive later.
Good visit!!

Accès page Galerie :

le: 03/04/2020

5 years already !

Our Amberstonedream community is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month, thank you all for the many years we have spent together and the amazing things we've accomplished.
We see Minecraft as a place of sharing and perenniality above all else.
Ensuring the best experience while keeping the "family" spirit alive by banishing all financial aspects will always remain our primary goal for Amberstone.

Your creations and all of Amberstone's content will remain accessible for many years to come, so here's our promise to thank you for all the years we've spent together.

The year 2020 will mark the announcement and launch of our "memory" project, which will leave you with a memory, an independent trace of Minecraft, which we hope you'll enjoy, more information in the coming months.

Bon jeu à tous

le: 15/03/2020

Winter 2020 update

● Experimental HD pack released
(It upgrades various basic textures, currently 50 in HD version some in ray tracing and relief)
It installs itself as an add-on
This pack will be updated regularly with various block additions...
Downloading :

● Added .obj section on the 3D library
Ability to download Amberstone 3D models in .obj format for use in 3D software.

● server / ranks
- Citizens now have access to the pasted copy of the various stocks (vehicle trees panels etc ...)
- Citizens+ have access to the masterplot (plot 300*300)
- Emphasis on discord and ingame of secondary grades
Urban planner = (taking care of roads, park etc..)
Decorator = (interior decorator)
Designer = (Après avoir réalisé 5 objets pour le pack Amberstone)
Entrepreneur = (Having a business)
Ask to obtain those bonus ranks !!

● Opening of AmberPro
The Amberpro server consists of offering more freedom and unblocking classic Amberstone.

- Architects will be able to have a private/custom world if they wish.
- Citizens, citizens+ or people/teams from outside Amberstone may apply by submitting their idea or project to an administrator.
AmberPro dynmap :

le: 30/01/2020

Winter Atmosphere Pack

The winter 2019 season pack is available

Vegetation changes, soil and wood textures, snow, weather, sound effects...
HD and lite version available
Download the winter pack :

le: 21/12/2019

New 3D library

It will allow you to use our 3Ds alone or on another server

Explore all our 3D, arranged by themes and collections, the credits of the different authors are indicated
Copy the code to get the model in game, either solo or on a server, version 1.13 and +.

Enjoy !!

le: 07/12/2019

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