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Travel event, Romania

July 2020

Discover Romania

Minecraft is a wonderful medium for both entertainment and travel through real and fictional worlds of all styles. Travel is the point that we're going to focus on in the next few weeks.
You're going to be able to go on a trip to Romania.
A country that is not very well known, yet it's quite a porch of France, culturally and geographically.
This trip will start on Wednesday, July 1st with videos, event and live.

Temporary planning:
Wednesday, July 1st:
- Video discovery of Romania IRL Provisional planning:
- Preparing for the launch "Amberstone Joint Build Project" (castle of peles and a small town) #event-roumanie

- video discovery of Build The Earth Romania :

Infos building event, Amberstone: /warp roumanie
The goal is to build a Romanian region, the castle of Peles will be the showcase of this project, it will be reproduced as faithfully as possible, down in the valley a small town with Transilvanian architecture. Certain buildings can be reproduced, inspired or invented.

The region will be mostly rural (breeding, farmland etc...), an Ortodox monastery can be integrated into the region.
A road as well as a railway from Ardenes will have to connect the Romanian area.

- Inspiration from Romanian architecture Pinterest Amberstone

- Google map Peles castle Google Map
- Google map for the inspiration city center Google Map

I hope you will enjoy this first thematic travel event, and share it around you !

- Photo gallery Romania Amberstone travel

Peles castle Transilvania

Apuseni natural pack Transilvania

Village in the Carpathians mountain Bucovina

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