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AmberstoneDream is foremost a community of passionates, that's why we strive to build relationships with many people or teams offering original and interesting work.


graphic artist and 3d

Maru is an artist with a special touch in the design of his textures or 3D models.
Thanks to our collaboration, you can discover some of his creations in our resource pack.

We invite you to subscribe and follow his work to offer you a guaranteed change of scenery.

Oldfarmer :

Touch everything, youtube channel
and official PMC Amberstone account

Pasquale :

artist map maker and 3d

Pasquale has already created various creations such as the realistic vegetation pack Amberstone, an adventure world based on 3D immersion and a unique pvp game.

To follow all his creations and test the new projects first-hand, join his discord.

InfiniDreams :

Dream PS4 community

InfiniDreams is a French-speaking community of Dreams, the new Media Molecule game on PlayStation 4.

Find an active community of creators! Tutorials, contests, creative resources, solutions, and much more!

Xylocraft_Yt :

Bordeaux Project Manager
various builder...

Defroi :

Minecraft youtuber

Youtuber for more than 5 years. Defroi realizes tutorials of constructions, visits of worlds and various live with his community, mainly on minecraft.

For more than a year you can find the world of its subscribers on Amberstone!

TheVisual_Play :

Contemporary architect

Magic of Disney :

Disneyland server

Magic Of Disney is a server that reproduces Disneyland Paris in its own way!br> Parades, attractions, shows....

You can discover and try your hand at various attractions on /disney to the server hub !!

Xylocraft_Yt :

Bordeaux Project Manager
various builder...