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AmberstoneDream - Members, rules & ranks

The staff is present to help the new ones, take management
decisions, and ensure the general functioning of the server.


Moderators : Amberstone

Staff : Etheria



General rules: Global respect for people - Use the correct texture pack in the world /pack for download
Don't use TNT, invisibility or anything else that may harm - Griefing is strictly prohibited - Copying builds are not allowed

Land and construction rules: Follow the theme of the district - Two max builds at once
Must be architect to build in the worlds - Ask staff to be rank up - You can first build in the plot world (/warp plot)

Plot color rules: house - apartment building 2-6 floors - buildings over 6 floors - office buildings 2 floors only -
office buildings over 2 floors - public buildings (police, hospital...) - parks & forest - swamp area - road - railway - bike line


Here is a list of the main rights you acquired with the obtention of a rank.
The default rank is citizen (citoyen).

Citizen+ : Citizen+ is obtained after having started or completed a construction verified by a staff member from Guide or on request. for a specific competition.
A citizen+ with access to the world Moussaillon (Defroi) Freebuild, Deco, Concours as well as the Masterplot world (plot of 300*300)

Architect : The architect grade is obtained after having carried out a construction validated by a moderator on the world, deco or freebuild plot. Whatever the type of construction it must be a minimum worked and original.
An architect gets building rights access to all the worlds.

Gardener: The gardener grade is intended for lovers of terraforming and landscaping, it is obtained after realizing a beautiful natural environment. This grade will give access to Voxel Sniper on all available worlds.

Mayor : To be a Mayor you have to create a city or district and manage its development. This project must be validated by a modo, first start by making some constructions and a draft of the project in freebuild or deco.
It must not be duplicated from another quarter of the unfinished server...
Given the realistic aspect of the server, a town must be liveable (shops, public areas, town hall...) and each plot accessible by road or path. If these criteria are not met or due to prolonged inactivity, the rank of mayor may be lost.

Guide: Guide grade is there in order to help manage citizens and citizens+ on Moussaillon and plotworld, but also to evaluate the plots and answer questions.
A guide to the following authorizations ( Promote a citizen+, mute, kick as well as core protect ...) it can also manage the town planning of the mussel world on special authorization

Supervisor: The rank of supervisor is obtained only by the will of the moderators, a supervisor can manage the global evolution of the server's cities (enlarge a district, create new plots ...)
He also has moderation rights such as ban, mute or promote an architect.

Moderator : The moderator grade is decided only by the modos and admins and is very rare!!

Citoyen / Citizen
World Rights

- World Plotworld 90*90
- stock world (trees, cars etc...)

Acquired Rights

- /warp
- /speed
- /msg
- plot = 4
- world-edit (limited)
- /astools (3D)
- /sethome
- gamemode
- /dh (custom heads)

Citoyen+ / Citizen+
World Rights

- World Deco
- World Moussaillon (Defroi)
- World concours
- World Freebuild
- World masterplot 300*300

Acquired Rights

- World edit (full)
- plot = 6
- /sun /day

Architecte / Architect
World Rights

- All the worlds...

Acquired Rights

- Voxel sniper (masterplot)
- /nick
- plot = 25
- /da (manequins)

World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- promote citoyen+
- /mute
- core-protect inspect
- Manage World Defroi ...
- /dynmap render

Jardinier / Gardener
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- Voxel sniper
- environment management

Maire / Mayor
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- Voxel sniper
- /setwarp
- /delwarp
- core-protect inspect
- /dynmap render
- manage our district ...

Superviseur / Supervisor
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- promote architecte
- /mute
- plot = illimited
- manage of town planning...
- core-protect

Moderateur / Moderator
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- /ban
- promote
- unrank
- manage rank...