The staff is present to help the new ones, take management
decisions, and ensure the general functioning of the server.


Moderators : Amberstone

Staff : Etheria



General rules: Global respect for people - Use the correct texture pack in the world /pack for download
Don't use TNT, invisibility or anything else that may harm - Griefing is strictly prohibited - Copying builds are not allowed

Land and construction rules: Follow the theme of the district - Two max builds at once
Must be architect to build in the worlds - Ask staff to be rank up - You can first build in the plot world (/warp plot)

Plot color rules: house - apartment building 2-6 floors - buildings over 6 floors - office buildings 2 floors only -
office buildings over 2 floors - public buildings (police, hospital...) - parks & forest - swamp area - road - railway - bike line


Here is a list of the main rights you acquired with the obtention of a rank.
The default rank is citizen (citoyen).

Citizen+ : You can upgrade to this rank (Citoyen+ in game) by starting a building which is validated by a supervisor or a moderator. You can also directly ask for this rank if you especially need World Edit for a building or a project.

Architect : As for Citizen+, you have to build something that is validated by a moderator on the plot world, freebuild or deco. Your building must be original and detailed.

Mayor : To become a Mayor (Maire), you have to entirely create a city and manage its development. This project must be validated by a moderator and before asking for this rank, you have to start a draft of your project onto the freebuild or deco world.
The city's or district's theme and style must be unique in the server ( for instance, building a new A-frame district is not permitted, because there is already an existing one)
Considering the realistic aspect of the server, a city must be livable (with shops, public areas, a city hall...) and every plot has to be reachable by a road or a path. If these requirements are not respected or if a mayor is not connected for a long time, you can be degrade and lose this rank.

Supervisor : This rank is only granted by the moderators. A supervisor can manage the overall evolution of cities (expand one district, create new plot ...)
They also have basic moderation rights as mute, kick or promote citizen to citizen+.

Moderator : This rank is only granted by the moderators and admins too, and is really rare !!

Citoyen / Citizen
World Rights

- World plot 60*60

Acquired Rights

- /warp
- /day /sun
- /speed
- /msg
- plot = 3

Citoyen+ / Citizen+
World Rights

- World Defroi
- World freebuild
- World concours / event
- World deco
- World Riverdale, tradi us

Acquired Rights

- World edit
- plot = 6
- /astools

Architecte / Architect
World Rights

- World creative, usa
- World fantasy
- World modern
- World moscow
- World masterplot 300*300
- World guardia, european
- World rosewood, various

Acquired Rights

- /sethome
- /nick
- plot = 10
- /gamemode

Maire / Mayor
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- Voxel sniper
- /setwarp
- /delwarp
- core-protect inspect
- manage our district ...

Superviseur / Supervisor
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- promote citoyen+
- /mute
- plot = unlimited
- Manage of town planning...

Moderateur / Moderator
World Rights

- All the worlds

Acquired Rights

- /ban
- promote
- unrank
- core-protect
- manage ranks ...