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AmberstoneDream help, tutos, commands

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Amberstone guides and commands

Global commands   •  World edit   •  Brush list world edit   •  staff / moderation   •  Tutos

Server commands

Download the PDF file (FR) "useful commands"

🔍 Navigation

+ /hub Teleport to the Hub server
(server selection)
+ /amberstone Teleport to Amberstone server (Creative)
+ /etheria Teleport to Amberstone server (survival /RP)
+ /amberpro Teleport to amberpro (creative / private world)
+ /defroi Teleport to the Defroi community server
+ /arcade Teleport to the Arcade server (PVP mini_game)

⌛ Quick commands

+ /deco Opens the 3D menu
+ /da Opens the custom character menu
+ /nv Activates the night vision
+ /bl Highlighted buildings menu
+ /exam Request a plot examination from the staff
( guide, maire, supervi, modo, admin... )
+ /warps Opens the warps menu
+ /menu Open the server menu
+ /blocks Special blocks menu
+ /color Armor editing menu
+ /emot Show the list of usable emoji
+ /nc Creative gamemode with the possibility to cross walls
+ /af Advanced fly mode
+ /c+ Warps available to the citizen+
+ /ds Give the Debug stick

💰 Eco and RP commands

+ /warp expo To get to the commercial hub!
+ /pay 1000 nickname Paid 1000 to [nickname]
+ /bal Look your money
+ /baltop See the server ranking (money)

🍂 Biome modifications (Architect)

+ /biome Shows the commands
+ /biome info Shows the position information
+ /biome list List all available biommes
+ /biome set [Biome name] round 20 Change the biome on radius 20 to circle

💬 Links

+ /pack Get the texture pack link
+ /discord Get the Discord link
+ /site Get the Website link
+ /member Get the link to information on ranks and rules
+ /dyn Get the Dynmap link
+ /help Get the Help page link
+ /twitter Get the Twitter link
+ /insta Get the Instagram link
+ /patreon Get the link to make a donation (Patreon)

📖 Commands Plotworld

+ /warp plot Access to the world of classic plots (citoyen and +)
+ /warp masterplot Access to the world of large plots (architecte and +)
+ /plot auto Get a plot automatically
+ /plot claim Get a plot manually on its position
+ /plot home (1, 2, 3.... depending on the plot number) = return to its plot
+ /plot reset Clear a plot
+ /plot dispose Getting rid of your plot
+ /plot add nickname Allow nickname to build on its plot
+ /plot trust Authorizes world edit and several owners
+ /plot merge Bring together several plots together (look in the direction of the plot to be unified)

🔧 Advanced Armor stands

+ Ingame shortcut /da (Radius 6 blocs)
+ /asnoHitbox & /asHitbox Blocks and unblocks Armor stands to be able to edit over existing ones.
+ /aslockOn & /aslockOff Blocks and unblocks the ability to modify the item placed on an Armor stand.
+ /asshowOn & /asshowOff Makes the Armor stands visible or invisible.
+ /asinvulnerableOn & /aasinvulnerableOff Makes the Armor stands vulnerable or invulnerable.

📝 Global commands

+ /day /sun Day control / weather forecast
+ /ptime ( 0 to  12000) and /ptime reset changes the time of day for the player only
+ /time set ( 0 to  24000) changes the time of day precisely
+ /pweather Change the weather for the player
+ /afk To be absent
+ /ast Opens the Armor editor stand
+ /list Displays the list of players
+ /g Before a mesage to talk to all the servers
+ /msg nickname Send a private message to nickname
+ /r Reply to private message
+ /mail send nickname Send a message to the offline player (visible once logged in)
+ /mail clear Clear the messaging
+ /clear Clear the inventory
+ /skull nickname get the head of a member
+ /dh Open the custom head menu
+ /hdb search +Keyword Search heads by keyword
+ /gamemode 0 Puts you in survival
+ /gamemode 1 Puts you in creative
+ /gamemode 3 Puts you in spectator

🚲 Travel commands

+ /sethome Put a home
- /home chalet Teleport you to the home chalet
+ /del home chalet Delete the home chalet
+ /tp nickname Teleport to nickname
+ /tpa nickname Send a teleportation request to nickname
+ /tpoffline nickname Teleports to the offline player wanted.
+ /tpr Ramdon teleport
+ /tppos x y z Teleports to the x y z position of the world
+ /goto x z Teleport to the x z position of the world
+ /warp Show list of available destinations
+ /speed 3 Change the travel speed to 3 (from 0.1 to 10)

💡 Minecraft Color Codes

! &0 = Black
! &1 = Dark blue
! &2 = Dark green
! &3 = sky blue
! &4 = Dark red
! &5 = Purple
! &6 = Gold
! &7 = Grey
! &8 = Dark grey
! &9 = Light blue
! &a = Light green
! &b = Cyan
! &b = Red
! &d = Magenta
! &e = Yellow
! &f = White
! &l = Bold
! &o = italic
! &n = highlighted
! &m = barred

💡 Special ID

Special foliage world edit ID

! Oak 18:4
! Spruce 18:5
! Birch 18:6
! Jungle 18:7
! Acacia 161:4
! Dark oak 161:5

Special multi-sided logs ID

! Oak 17:2
! Spruce 17:3
! Birch 17:4
! Jungle 17:5
! Acacia 162:12
! Dark oak 162:13

Commands World edit / Voxel sniper

Tuto world edit: YouTube Video [FR]
(f3+h) = Show id and names of objects in the inventory or /itemdb show the item information in the hand.
Actions to be performed to select a position, right and left click with the wooden axe or //pos1 and //pos2 or //1 and //2

🔧 World edit commands

+ //Set 0 Remove a zone
+ //set (id or name) Fill in the selection
+ //copy Copy the area
+ //cut Cut the area
+ //paste Paste the selection
+ //paste –a Paste without the air blocks
+ //move 3 Move the selection in the direction of the look (here 3 blocks)
+ //move 3 u Move 3 upwards
+ //move 3 d Move 3 down
+ //stack 3 Duplicates the selection 3 times in the direction of the look
+ //stack 3 u 3 Upwards
+ //stack 3 d 3 down
+ //fill water 100 Fill the area around the position to a radius of 100 in water, foot level
+ //fixwater 50 Smooth the water to a radius of 50
+ //drain 50 = Removes water from 50 blocks
+ //remove item 100 Deletes ground items within a radius of 100
+ /repl 1 to put on the stick (left click selects a cube - right click replaces the desired cube)
+ //fast Switch to no physics mode to place special cubes in suspension (carpet, snow, pots...) or mushrooms
+ //distr Show the composition of the zone
+ //br smooth Smooth the ground (on a tool)
+ //br sphere 0 2 Right click creates a air sphere (0) on 2 of radius (on a tool)
+ /mask brick will apply the Brush command only to block [brick]
+ //gmask >2,3 Apply the brush only on top of grass and soil.
+ //none Allows you to reset the commands of a tool
+ /undo Undo action
+ /redo Red the undo action
+ //scale [size] Changes the size of a selection
+ //derot [axe] [degrees] Rotates a selection
+ //twist [axe] [degrees] Rotate on a selection

+ //schem load [file name]
Import shematics
+ //schem save [file name]
Export shematics

🔧 Tips

! Add -e after copy and paste to keep the entites
! After a command of (//br sphere, cyl ...) add #copy to paint with the latest selection

🔧 Brush world edit used on Amberstone

+ //br sphere 15%3:1,12%1:3,10%gravel,6%1:5,57%2 5 Mixing mountain (soil)
+ //br sphere 2%3:1,2%3:2,2%gravel,95%2 5 Mixing plain (soil)
+ //br sphere 1%1,1%18,2%37,1%38:3,1%38:8,6%31:2,30%31:1,64%0,1%38:1 2 mix of meadows
+ //br sphere 3%3:2,1%gravel,87%2,5%sand 6 Mixing seaside (soil)
+ //br sphere 2%1:5,80%4,2%98,2%1,1%gravel 3 Medieval road
+ //br sphere 80%31:1,6%31:2,15%0 4 Medieval meadow
+ //br sphere 10%3:1,10%sand,3%3:2,45%2 3 Plantation land (soil)
+ //br sphere 1%1,6%18,7%37,5%38:3,5%38:8,6%31:2,20%31:1,64%0,5%38:1 1 Flowered slope mix
+ //br sphere 6%4,2%98,2%1,6%gravel,2%3:1,7%1:5,2%2,0%208 3 Semi-rural medieval country road
+ //br sphere 28%4,26%98,2%1,6%gravel,1%3:1,7%1:5,1%2,0%208 3 Medieval Road
+ //br sphere 30%3:1,3%3:2,55%dirt,5%sand,3%1,2%1:5 6 River bottom
+ //br sphere 35%3:1,10%3:2,25%251:8,10%diorite,7%gray_concrete_powder 5 River bottom 2
+ /mask grass,dirt,73,129,14,21 5 Mask river bottom
+ //br sphere 12%208,13%gravel,12%3:2,6%3:1,60%2,3%1 3 Mixing country road (Charming)
+ //br sphere 3%3:1,1%3:2,3%19:1,93%2 4 Undergrowth mix (soil)
+ //br sphere 12%2,20%3:1,10%3:2,15%251:8,6%diorite,7%wet_sponge 5 Undergrowth mix 2 (soil)
+ //br sphere 2%1,1%3:1,3%121,3%110,3%sand,85%2 4 Dry soil mix
+ /mask >2 Mask to put the plants on grass block
+ //br sphere 25%18:4,25%18:5,10%31:2,10%31:1,5%38:3 11 Mixing plant under wood
+ //br sphere 20%252:14,55%252:12,1%3:2,2%44:5,1%109,1%2,1%208,1%3:1 10 Mixing damaged road
+ //br sphere 19%2,20%dirt,12%3:1,8%3:2,3%251:8,2%diorite,2%grass_path 5 Mixing soil meadow winter meadow (soil)
+ //replace 0 2%78:2,3%78:3,23%78:4,33%78:5,22%78:6,2%78:7 Snow-covered ground meadow
+ /gmask >2,dirt,3:1,3:2,1,251,208,light_gray_concrete,wet_sponge,diorite Mask for various floors
+ //br sphere bubble_coral_block,brain_coral_blobk,magenta_stained_glass,bubble_coral_fan,bubble_coral Mixing coral
+ //br sphere 3%sand,90%2,2%mycelium,2%black_concrete_powder 15 Mixing coastal soil
+ //br sphere 60%0,10%grass,5%fern,2%azure_bluet,1%birch_leaves,1%dandelion Seaside meadow
+ //br cyl 12%99:15,40%252:12,4%1,7%252:10,3%88 5 Redwood Waterfront Sidewalk
+ //br sphere 27%grass,35%0,2%18:4,1%birch_leaves,10%31:2,10%31:1,5%38:3,4%minecraft:dandelion,
2%minecraft:blue_orchid,2%minecraft:dead_bush,2%minecraft:cornflower,2%1,17%fern,1%coarse_dirt 6
Mountain Meadow Mix
+ //br sphere 22%grass,35%0,18%18:4,7%birch_leaves,10%31:2,10%31:1,5%38:3,4%minecraft:dandelion,
1%coarse_dirt 6
Mountain undergrowth mix

🔧 World edit curves

Very useful commands for making beautiful curves with several anchor points !!

+ //sel convex Allows you to switch to curved mode (with the wooden axe)
+ //sel cuboid To return to classic world edit mode

Once the "convex" mode is activated, left click to start the selection then right click as many times as you want...

+ //curve [ID or name] Create a curve between all your points

Commands and brush lists of trees, cars, bushes etc... accessible to the architect and +.

🔧 Commandes Brush world edit

(to use on a tools)

+ /sbr [ListName]@* allows to make random rotation to the list
+ /sbr [ListName1] [ListName2] etc... mixes several lists together
+ /sbr [ListName]@90 180 270 Rotation de 90° 180° et 270° to the selection
+ /sbrm info displays the information of the selected lists

🔧 brush list, Amberstone

+ /sbr voiture nearly 100 car models (max 7 long)

+ /sbr buissonS Mixed of small bushes
+ /sbr buissonM Mixed medium bushes
+ /sbr rocherS Mix of small rocks
+ /sbr rocherM Mixed medium rocks
+ /sbr rocherXL Mix of large rocks
+ /sbr rocherforestM Mixed medium forest rocks
+ /sbr rocherforestXL Mix of large forest rocks

+ /sbr urbainS mix of urban trees trunk in barrier
+ /sbr urbainM mix of urban trees trunk in wooden wall
+ /sbr cheneBM mix of medium ball oaks
+ /sbr cheneBXL mix of large ball oaks
+ /sbr saule mix of large willows
+ /sbr cheneM mix of medium oaks
+ /sbr kalintreeS mix of small European trees
+ /sbr kalintreeM medium European tree mix
+ /sbr pommier apple tree mix
+ /sbr cheneS mix of small oaks
+ /sbr arbreS mix of small trees (max 12 high)

+ /sbr japanclassic Japanese tree mix
+ /sbr pinXL mix of large pines
+ /sbr tropicS mix of small tropical trees
+ /sbr spinL mix of large spruce trees
+ /sbr sapinS mix of small spruce trees
+ /sbr sapinslimS mix of small fine spruce trees

Staff and Moderation Amberstone commands

📘 Various

+ /examlist Show the list of current exam requests
+ /examtp Allows you to join evaluation requests
+ /examback Returns to your last location after an exam

+ /ban nickname Banned nickname indefinitely
+ /pardon nickname Deban nickname
+ /tempban nickname 1 hour Banni nickname for 1 hour
+ /mute nickname Disables chat to this player
+ /kick nickname Exclude the player from the game
+ /send [nickname] etheria Send the player to etheria server
+ /pex user [nickname] group set architecte = Rank up nickname to architect grade
Names of rank administration (citoyen, citoyen_plus, architecte, superviseur…)
+ /pex user nickname suffix blabla Adds a suffix after the nickname
+ /pex user [player] add worldedit.* Adds world edit to the desired nickname

📘 Core protect
(rollback inspection)

(t :2h determines the action time
- r :3 Action size – u : nickname limits the action to the selected player)

+ /co i Examine
+ /co rollback t:1h r:3 u:nickname Rolleback of actions performed by ...
+ /co rollback t:1h r:3 Rolleback
+ /co l r:100 t:1h Area log
+ /co l t:1h a:commands Commands log
+ /co l t:1h a:chat Chat log
+ /co undo Cancel a rollback

🛸 Gate teleport commands
(mayor or on request)

+ /portal selector to get the portal selector tool
+ /desti create [name] creates a destination
+ right click and left click on the desired portal area
+ /portal create name:[portal name] desti:[destination name] triggerblock:[block name] water air etc.

📘 Worlds

+ /mvcreate (world name) NORMAL Creates the map named "name of the World" of normal type.
+ /mv tp (world name) You teleport on the map (name of the world)
+ /mvm set monsters false/true Disable/enable monsters
+ /mvm set animals false/true Disable/enable animals
+ /mvm set pvp false/true Disable/enable pvp
+ /mvm set weather false/true Disable/enable weather events
+ /mvm set difficulty 0/1/2/3 Peaceful = 0, Easy = 1, Medium = 2, Hard = 3
+ /mvm set mode creative/survival changes the gamemode.
+ /gamerule Access the parameters of the worlds

📘 Special

+ /give [nickname] filled_map 1 {map:691} Gives to the player a custom map in quantity (1) having the id (691)
+ /give [nickname] black_carpet 1 {CustomModelData:2001} Gives to the player a custom item on the black carpet with the number (2001).


Find several Tutos to help you in the Minecraft universe:

! Tutorial how to create a texture Author: Oldfarmer - Video playlist - FR / ENG YouTube video

! Tutorial on the use of Armor stands to place 3D models Author: Oldfarmer - Time 9.10 min - FR / ENG YouTube video

! Tutorial on creating 3D models with Blockbench software Author: Oldfarmer - Time 23.40 min - FR YouTube video

! Tutorial on creating a custom Map (item fram) without plugin Author: Oldfarmer - Time 10.14 min - FR YouTube video

! Tuto creation of render Minecraft Author: Oldfarmer - Time 15.53 min - FR YouTube video