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Discover our texture packs
Choose the most appropriate way to use our resources, alone or on a server
Team Amberstone!!

3D library (solo and multi)

+ Explore all our 3Ds, arranged by theme and collection
+ Copy the code to get the model in game
+ Can be used in solo and Multi[1.13 and +]
+ Find the 3D credits

3D menu (server only !!)

+ Option to download the ingame 3D menu
+ 3D sorted by category, compatible[1.13 / 1.15]
+ Obtaining 3D by clicking on it
+ Language[FR - ENG]
+ On written request here !! indicate yur server as well as the motivation and a way to contact us in return.

Amberstone pack expo world (02/2021) v1.6

Import this world or schematic on solo or on your server to be able to use and play with the Amberstone 3D, version 1.13 and +

- Supported minecraft version: 1.13 Pack version 2.80 / 2.85

- Supported minecraft version: 1.14 and up Pack version 3.0

- Supported minecraft version: 1.15 and up Pack version 3.10

- Supported minecraft version: 1.16 and up Pack version 3.50 & 3.80