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Amberstone texture pack experience

The Amberstone texture pack is the result of years of passionate work by "Oldfarmer", our Amberstone community and of course our partners. The core values of Minecraft being sharing and relaxation all our content is offered to you for free and freely (respecting the requested credits)!

We hope you enjoy your Minecraft experience with Amberstone resources

Team AmberstoneDream !

💡 Optifine is highly recommended to get the best experience! (Download here )

Amberstone v 4.50 (08/10/2022)

For use 3d models on other server or solo clic here: Link >>

This pack is versatile and is mainly used for traditional and modern but not only (Urbex, 19th century, post apocalyptic...).
Used by default on our creative server (Amberstone) it offers you one of the most complete experience to date for Minecraft vanilla

🔍 Features You will be able to find more than 600 textures, a large choice of 3d models (more than 1000) allowing you to create the most realistic layouts possible, various plants, 45 artists' paintings, A large variety of 3D geometric shapes etc...

Let your imagination run wild and install our Amberstone pack!

Download :

📖 Latest version: Version 4.50 (08/10/2022)

Upgrade 1.19, Fix bugs and biome, 100 new 3D, 15 textures and more...
Persian thematic !

- HQ version Best experience (128*128) approximately 100 mo

- LITE version (64*64) approximately 70 mo

- Ultra LITE (64*64) without 3D approximately 60 mo

MC 1.19 version 4.50 :

MC 1.17 version 4.0 :

MC 1.16 version 3.90 :

MC 1.15 version 3.10 :

MC 1.14 version 3.0 :

MC 1.13 version 2.80 :

MC 1.12 version 2.10 :

💡 3D use and biome:

To unlock all our 3D features and Biome elements, use our library below:

About 3D: Get the code of the desired object, once in game replace [nickname] by your nickname, and that's done !
About the biome: Just select the category Biome and change by the desired biome your object in game, command (//setbiome ----)

2 other methods exist 3D menu for servers or expo world solo or server Click here to view >>

Previous versions available on Dropbox

In case of problems with the download links given above, or to get an earlier version: click here!