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Amberstone v 2.85 (21/07/2019)

Realistic pack for traditionnal and modern world, with more 500 3d models.
For use 3d models on other server or solo clic here: Link >>

- To use 3d models excluding Amberstone Clic here >>
- In this pack you find 3D made by our community, partner or other creator please credit them !! Elsweyr, Wachamaru, Pasquale, Aland backer...
- Use of Optifine strongly recommended !!

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New version features 2.85 : (21/07/19)
Compatibility 1.14, improvement of painting, bug fixes, 1 new 3D, gravel change

Download :

HQ 128*128 :

LITE 64*64 :

Holycraft modern (12/2018)

Ressource pack for Holycraft modern worlds.

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.13

- Use of Optifine strongly recommended !!

Amberstone European (03/2018)

Ressource pack for Amberstone European reproduction project.

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.12

- Use of Optifine strongly recommended !!

Moscow v 1.8 (08/2018)

Ressource pack for Amberstone Moscow reproduction project, containing adapted textures, 3d models and paintings by Russian artists. .

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.9 à 1.13

Arcade - zombie (Mai 2018)

Ressource pack for pvp and zombie mini-games.

Approx. 3.6 MB, suitable for any PC.

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.12, 1.13

Amberstone version 2.80 ultra lite - without 3D

Very lite version of the Amberstone pack for small PC, 64*64 and without 3D !!

- pack size 48 mo

Previous versions available on Dropbox

In case of problem with the download links given above, or to get an earlier version: click here !!