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Amberstone v 3.90 (01/05/2021)

Realistic pack for traditionnal and modern world, with more 800 3d models.

• How to use 3D models ?

- To use 3d models in solo or another server Amberstone 3D library >>
- Infos and other methods (World or ingame menu to download) Here >>

• Infos

- In this pack you find 3D made by our community, partner or other creator please credit them !! Wachamaru, Pasquale, Aland backer...
- Use of Optifine strongly recommended !!
-• Talk and share your creations with us: Discord here >>

New version features 3.90 : (01/05/21)
Ajout de 3D thématiques coréens 54 comprenant 12 nouveaux tableaux !!

Download :

HQ 128*128 :

LITE 64*64 :

Holycraft modern (10/2019)

Ressource pack for Holycraft modern worlds.

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.14

- Use of Optifine strongly recommended !!

Our others packs (Bordeaux, Moscow...)

Texture packs dedicated to various reproduction projects such as Bordeaux or Moscow (They may no longer be up to date in the latest versions)

Project Bordeaux texture packs Download !

Project Moscow Russia texture packs Download !

Arcade - zombie (July 2019)

Ressource pack for pvp and zombie mini-games.

Approx. 1 MB, suitable for any PC.

- Supported minecraft versions: 1.13, 1.14

Amberstone version 3.80 ultra lite - without 3D

Very lite version of the Amberstone pack for small PC, 64*64 and without 3D !!

- pack size 60 mo

Previous versions available on Dropbox

In case of problem with the download links given above, or to get an earlier version: click here !!